Company Overview

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Ferdoos Air Conditioning Systems Fixing L.L.C (Dubai)  was  established on the year 2003, Commercial  License issued by Dubai Economic Department.

Ferdoos Air conditioning Systems Fixing L.L.C (DUBAI) our subsidiary company : Ferdoos AC Systems Fixing UK Ltd (Established in the 2019) Certified by the Incorporation of a Private Limited Company, ENGLAND AND WALES.

Aims to provide healthy and safe working practices and avoid the risks of injury to anyone as a result of the activity for which the company is responsible. The overall responsibility for Health,
Safety & Environment (HSE) rests at the highest level, however, all individual employees have an important responsibility towards HSE and must participate in carrying out policy. Appropriate training, supervision and information are provided to encourage and enable employees to carry
out their duties safely.

Regular inspection and monitoring of activities is undertaken and accidents or incidents are investigated promptly so that appropriate action is taken to prevent reoccurrence. Unsafe work practices by an individual can often lead to accidents even in a safe working environment. It is our goal to eliminate both unsafe working conditions and unsafe work practices. No task is so important or so urgent, that we cannot take the time to do it safely.
Quality is the key to success. We infuse our client interactions and dealings with high quality standards. Our dedicated team ensures a lean delivery model that is efficient and aligned to our client’s strategic goals.
Our highly professional team is well dedicated and efficient.